Hue was known as Panduranga of Cđắm đuối Kingdom until 1306 when Chế Mân (The Red King) gave sầu this khổng lồ the Vietnamese King as the wedding gilf to get married lớn Vietnamese Press. This was called Đàng Trong of the Nguyen Family during the Civil War with the Trinch Family in the North. Hue is intimately connected to lớn the imperial Nguyễn Dynasty, based in Hue, which ruled from 1802 khổng lồ 1945 when Emperor Bao Dai abdicated in favor of Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary government. The city went through tough times during the Vietnam giới War, when it was conquered by the Viet Cong và held for 24 days, during which the VC slaughtered around 3,000 people suspected of sympathizing with the South, being a high school graduate or Christian. In retaking the thành phố American forces initially didn’t use artillery or air support lớn avoid damaging ancient buildings but due lớn heavy casualties these restrictions were relaxed & the city was largely destroyed.

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Bus From Hoi An To Hue

Hue is a thành phố in centralVietnamthat was the capital ofĐang TrongKingdom from 1738 to lớn 1775 and of theNguyen Dynastyfrom 1802 to lớn 1945. A major attraction is its vast, 19th-centurycitadel, surrounded by a moat & thick stone walls. It encompasses the Imperial City, with palaces & shrines; the Forbidden Purple City, once the emperor’s home; & a replica of the Royal Theater. The đô thị was also the battleground for theBattle of Hue, which was one of the longest và bloodiest battles of theVietnam giới War.

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Price danh mục transfer from Hoi An to lớn Hue by Bus

Only $6 per 1 pax. (free for kids under 4 years old)You can choose 2 options to Hue from Hoi An (Morning or afternoon)

How khổng lồ get from Hoi An to Hue by Bus

The distance from Hoi An lớn Hue by bus will take about 3 hours (134km). There are many means to lớn move sầu here such as Hoi An motorbike rental, taxi, Hoi An private car… but the bus is a cheap, fast & safe solution. We provide a bus from Hoi An to lớn Hue in a sleeper bus with air conditioning và blankets so you can lie down & enjoy the view all the way khổng lồ Hue. We piông chồng you up at your khách sạn and drop off at Hue đô thị center.

Bus stop for rest and sightseeing

Lang Co Lagoon

Cancelation policy

All cancelations from guests arise additional charges as follows:

– More than 24 hours before departure: No charges

– Less than 24 hours before departure or No show: 100% of the transfer

Route map

The process of booking a bus from Hoi An khổng lồ Hue

Get all booking information such as: name, pick up location, date, time & type of vehicle & quote.The mini-van will pichồng you up right at your door on the day you book a Bus and transfer you lớn the sleeping busFinish the trip


Some notes when booking the bus from Hoi An khổng lồ Hue

Free for kids under 4 years oldFor urgent bus bookings (24 hours in advance), please contact Hotline via Whatsphầm mềm or tin nhắn us, we will try to lớn respond as soon as possible.Any special requests are welcome

Why choose Bus from Hoi An khổng lồ Hue city of Anh Khoa Hoi An company?

1. Cost savings

If using private vehicles such as motorxe đạp rental or private oto, the price is very expensive, but for buses, the cost is much cheaper.

2. Safe

According lớn statistics of the National Traffic Safety Committee, traffic accidents for motorcyclists account for more than 70% of road traffic accidents. Studies also show that of the means of transport, motorcyclists are most affected by air pollution và the least affected is buses. Buses are considered as one of the safest means of transport. The chất lượng of Anh Khoa’s vehicles has passed periodic quality checks and the driver & ticket control team are trained and trained monthly khổng lồ ensure service quality và safety for customers.

3. Environmental Protection

Currently, the problem of the environment & solving environmental pollution is an urgent problem of the world, and our Vietnam giới is also aao ước them. The huge amount of motorbikes is now becoming a pile of industrial waste, seriously affecting the living environment. According to lớn a recent environmental status report, about 70-90% of the total urban emissions in big cities are the causes of respiratory diseases, cancer, in which the emissions of motorcycles accounts for the highest percentage. Taking the bus means that you are helping lớn reduce the amount of smoke và dust in the air. At the same time, we will also avoid the bad effects from smoke, dust and pollution of the environment on health.

4. Limit the impact of the weather outside

Using a motorbike is much more convenient and saves time, but you always have khổng lồ carry a raincoat or a sundress or keep a few masks in the trunk. With the comfort system on Anh Khoa’s buses, you can avoid the effects of weather from outside such as rain, dust, dirty puddles in the rainy season or hot weather in the summer. You are completely protected by a transparent glass screen. Of course, you don’t have sầu to lớn rush through the rain, skillfully avoid dirty splashes or cover your whole body toàn thân lượt thích a Ninja with a cumbersome sunscreen lượt thích before.

5. Reduce traffic congestion

Traffic congestion brings consequences và implications for urban life. The first is damage caused by wasted time and fuel. Second, it affects people’s own individuals and families. In many strategies & solutions to lớn combat traffic congestion, the use of public transport such as buses, limiting private means of transport is considered the first choice due to its outstanding advantages. turn on.

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6. Have sầu more time khổng lồ chat with friends & make new friends

The downside of the bus is that it is slower than renting a private oto because it has to lớn follow fixed routes. But it’s also an opportunity for you lớn extkết thúc the story with your friends. Time on the bus is one of the great opportunities where you can easily interact & chat with people.

7. There are stops for resting, eating & shopping

If you sit too long on the bus, you will feel uncomfortable và sluggish, our buses will stop at the stops for you lớn go khổng lồ the nhà vệ sinh, have sầu a snaông chồng & shop for local items. direction

When should you book the bus transfer from Hoi An to lớn Hue?

Spend a great night in the car without renting a hotelWant khổng lồ save money khổng lồ travel khổng lồ many beautiful places in Vietnam?Are you a backpacker?Want khổng lồ experience và see the streets of Vietnam

How to lớn book the transfer from Hoi An to lớn Hue by bus

It’s very simple, you just need to lớn tương tác us through the following channels lớn get instant booking confirmation: