Still known to many as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is famous for its role in the Vietphái nam War & features many war-era & war-related attractions such as the War Remnants Museum and Independence Palace. But it’s not just a place for history buffs, Ho Chi Minc City also has beautiful French colonial architecture và a lively atmosphere. If you’re planning to see the best of Asia, make your way lớn Siem Reap next. This Cambodian đô thị also still displays its French influences but it’s best known as the gateway to lớn the amazing Angkor region. Despite the long distance from Ho Chi Minh khổng lồ Siem Reap, this is a popular tourist route so you’ll have no trouble finding a ticket.

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Options for Getting from Ho Chi Minc to lớn Siem Reap

Traveling by road it’s about 460 kilometers (290 miles) from Ho Chi Minc to Siem Reap. This may not sound like too much if you’re used to lớn the roads and highways of the Western world, but here in Asia you’re looking at a lengthy oto or bus trip. This is because road conditions are not as good, & you’ll need lớn rethành viên that you’re crossing the border from Vietphái mạnh inkhổng lồ Cambodia. Even so, there are plenty of buses that make this trip every day, so you’ll never be short on options.

If the long road trip doesn’t appeal khổng lồ you, a flight from Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap may be a better choice. It takes less than 1.5 hours lớn fly from Ho Chi Minc to Siem Reap, so it’s a far quicker and arguably more comfortable way to travel between these two cities, but read on for more information about flights và buses so you can make the decision for yourself!

Flight from Ho Chi Minh lớn Siem Reap


Many tourists vị choose khổng lồ fly from Ho Chi Minc to Siem Reap simply because they bởi not have sầu the time to spare to lớn travel by bus. Flying is considerably more expensive, but if you’re on a vacation and have sầu lots to lớn see in a short time, this really is the best way khổng lồ travel.

There are three airlines who fly from Ho Chi Minch khổng lồ Siem Reap: Vietphái mạnh Airlines, Cambodia Angkor Air, & Lanmei Airlines. The first two are scheduled airlines & are hence likely khổng lồ cost more, while Lanmei Airlines is a low-cost carrier. With Lanmei you’re more likely to get a good giảm giá khuyến mãi on your ticket price, but, they vì not fly as often as the scheduled airlines so that is the drawbachồng.

In Ho Chi Minc City you’ll be departing from the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, which is the busiest airport in Vietnam. Allow yourself plenty of time for check-in & security because it is so busy here & can often be overcrowded. At the Siem Reap kết thúc you’ll be arriving at the Siem Reap – Angkor International Airport. It is also the busiest airport in the country – Cambodia this time – but is considerably less busy than Tan Son Nhat Airport, so you shouldn’t have sầu the same problems with overcrowding here.

Even when you add in the extra time it will take you to get through Tan Son Nhat Airport, combined with getting to và from the airport at either kết thúc of your trip, flying from Ho Chi Minc to lớn Siem Reap is still by far the quickest way khổng lồ travel if you can afford the much higher cost of the ticket.


If you vì chưng choose to travel by bus from Ho Chi Minch to lớn Siem Reap there are several different tour companies offering this route, giving you the chance lớn choose from at least four different buses each day. But, as we already mentioned, this is a long journey that probably wouldn’t suit anyone who doesn’t like being confined lớn a small-ish space for long periods of time. It takes between 13 & 14 hours lớn travel by bus from Ho Chi Minh to lớn Siem Reap, và this includes stops and having khổng lồ change from one bus to another, usually in Phnom Penh. You will also be crossing the border which can add some extra waiting time to lớn the journey. Arranging your visa for entry into Cambodia prior lớn your trip is best because it is less stressful and helps khổng lồ avoid additional holdups, however, if you don’t already have sầu your Cambodia visa for whatever reason, arrangements can usually be made with the bus operator. We recommend arranging this all in advance though, khổng lồ be on the safe side.

The three tour bus companies you can choose from are: the SinhTourist, Mekong Express, và Kumho Samco. Out of these companies, The SinhTourist has a very good reputation, however, they are known lớn sometimes put passengers onto lớn a partner company bus, so you may not kết thúc up on a SinhTourist bus even if booking with them.

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The express buses that depart from Ho Chi Minh lớn Siem Reap are usually standard buses with seats as opposed to lớn sleeper seats, however, when you change buses in Phnom Penh you may find yourself on a sleeper bus for the remainder of the journey to Siem Reap, so this is another thing to bear in mind.

If you would lượt thích lớn travel overnight & try lớn get some sleep you should choose one of the afternoon buses. This will depart Ho Chi Minh around 15:00 và should arrive sầu in Siem Reap around 05:00. The alternative sầu is a bus that leaves early morning, around 07:00 & travels through the day, arriving between 20:00 & 21:00. The good thing with daytime travel is that you can enjoy the passing scenery & will always have plenty to see, while traveling overnight, or flying, you’ll miss having that opportunity!