We have sầu always loved Chả Cá Lã Vọng in Hanoi, we have visited twice the original restaurant.

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During this Vietnamese trip, we wanted khổng lồ revisit this delicious grilled fish. The traditional dish uses Hemibagrus, a type of Catfish found in the river northern mountainous area. The fish is marinated with spices lượt thích galangal, turmeric, they are grilled on charcoal until both sides are almost cooked. They will be finished off with a pan with dill & spring onion in hot oil. They are served with rice vermicelli, fried peanuts và coriander with a dipping sauce, with nuoc mam, vinegar, salt sugar & garlic or shrimp pate (mắm tôm) mixed with lime juice.

We arrived around at 11am, this was our last meal in Sài Gòn before catching our 3pm plane. Service was efficient, they instantly brought all the plates with ingredients ready…

650adbce0abbd18322491f2d1f2b835be6b03048.jpg1280×960 333 KB

Dill & spring onion chopped

54447a6dd642b3b2bcdf622b498a6c4b765b4d41.jpg1280×960 276 KB


b49a57b18d2c1fb74184312cfe021f4773381fc1.jpg1280×960 233 KB

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We find the portion of vermicelli tiny.

92395617ce87779b3691d766287571e38d7947d3.jpg1280×960 203 KB

Not too much a tín đồ with this sesame rice crackers.
d7450a9b193b8cccbe396f8a81139e0fc70262b4.jpg1280×960 254 KB

The fish brought khổng lồ our table half cooked, before the final cooking by a waitress with herbs.
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da7af8bee7ac3805db1aaa31d769d5db6ed3e1đôi mươi.jpg1096×822 449 KB
605925dbc04dd84a80a4b9d6aa2c7e47f69079cb.jpg1280×960 317 KB

The fermented shrimp sauce
1b12e446eb22c9f06a74b16c418fd15a3c39ab67.jpg1280×960 195 KB
103f35fb1f8e4d6e6b01579ceebcc668331aaee7.jpg1280×960 319 KB
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a0cd00718228a78a34c1f12d22e0e7e363b97bf7.jpg1280×960 3đôi mươi KB

I didn’t know they charged us for the wet napkin…until now!
e46111919e1c7ac2c67c7a64b08e7992df6de90e.jpg960×1280 294 KB

I find taste wise, it was good, but I find Chả Cá Lã Vọng in Hanoi superior, more herbs, bigger portions and with richer in taste with more oil or fat and a bigger hotter fire. Maybe since we didn’t like the sesame chips, we find the food portion small, we were not very hungry when we entered the restaurant, but we didn’t feel very full when we leave sầu.

Please note that the restaurant only serves 1 plate, if you want choices, this is not the place to come.

Chả Cá Lã Vọng3 - 5 Hồ Xuân HươngPhường. 6, Quận 3,HCM, Vietnam

VIETNAMESE - Cuisine of the Quarter, Summer 2017 (Jul-Sept)
Presunkhổng lồ (currently in Traben-Trarbach, Riesling Paradise! Fleeced Taxpayer :
)) :
)) ) August 6, 2017, 6:59pm #2

Whoa! Looks quite fancy, both the food và the restaurant. I didn’t eat in this kind of restaurant in VN at all. Is it the norm now? In nước ta I prefer “basse cuisine” (as opposed lớn haute cuisine). Sitting on tiny plastic stools on pavement & going lớn typical restaurants where the locals also eat.

I had eaten at the original* restaurant in Hanoi only so can’t tell if they could pull it off in the south.

*I think my guide book says it’s the original restaurant.

naf August 6, 2017, 7:19pm #3

Is it the norm now? In VN I prefer “basse cuisine” (as opposed to haute cuisine).

Hồ Chí Minh becomes more fancy compared when we first went in 2008, more skyscrapers and shops with nice decoration. We tried to lớn eat in a mix of restaurants, street foods, once a while a high kết thúc to treat ourselves. This Cha Ca is more of a middle range. I will try to write our experiences in the market và on the street later. You can read the Pho place we have sầu visited in HCM this year, not a fancy place at all but very good.

bcc August 6, 2017, 9:10pm #4

Looks great. I’d love to lớn try it, but I don’t want khổng lồ spend enough time in an airplane to lớn get to Viet Nam. I did eat once at New York’s Cha Ca La Vong, a pale imitation of the Vietnamese original, and was not highly impressed.

naf August 6, 2017, 9:13pm #5

I think it’s a dish you can bởi vì it at trang chủ, the ingredients aren’t that difficult khổng lồ find except maybe the herbs (dill, spring onion và coriander is the essential) ginger & turmeric should be relative sầu easy to lớn find, you can replace the fish khổng lồ cod.

Google_Gourmet August 6, 2017, 9:14pm #6

Sài Gòn becomes more fancy compared when we first went in 2008…

Hi naf và Presunlớn, our first & only trip khổng lồ Viet Nam (SGN) was last year, 2016.

Saigon is now definitely in our rotation, & we will hit Hanoi soon, for sure.

We enjoyed Cha Ca (Saigon). It was a fun place to lớn eat, and nice lớn have the sides of crackers, fresh herbs, peanuts, etc… Prices for food in Saigon was so “reasonable” that we did not feel any guilt going for an upscale meal gasp USD $21.24 for party of 3!!

I acquiesced to my travel partners and did the touristy famous restaurant where they cooked the rice in clay pots, craông chồng the pots on the dining room floor, and fling the rice across the room to lớn your VPS. We splurged on abalone, exotic vegetables (amaranth), anything that struông chồng our fancy. We were three and with 6 beers, the bill was about USD $37/3 pax. Total.

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Some miscellaneous photos:

Beer with breakfast. Well, it IS happy hour west coast California.



Simple fried egg with veggies. The French bread… would eat that every morning if I could.