How to lớn get from Ho Chi Minc to Mui Ne?

When travelling the 220km distance from Ho Chi Minc lớn Mui Ne, you have sầu 2 options: you can either take the train ($7.50) or the bus ($6). Travel time is around 5 hours.

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2 ways to get from Ho Chi Minc khổng lồ Mui Ne

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Train5 hours175,000 VND ($7.50)Cheông chồng train tickets
Bus5 hours140,000 VND ($6)Chechồng bus tickets

The journey from Ho Chi Minc to lớn Mui Ne will take around 5 hours & can be traveled by bus or train. We recommover to take the 3.5-hour train from Ho Chi Minc khổng lồ Phan Thiet, which is the closest railway station khổng lồ Mui Ne. From this station, you can continue by local bus or taxi to Mui Ne (1 hour).

Although we prefer the comfort of a train seat, travelling by bus is also a good option. The advantage is that the bus departs from the center of Ho Chi Minc & also drops you off in the center of Mui Ne.

Itinerary from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne

TrainHo Chi Minh3h 44minPhan Thiet Railway Station1 hourMui Ne City Center
Cheông xã Tickets
BusHo Chi Minh City Center5 hoursMui Ne City Center
Cheông xã Tickets


Ho Chi Minch to lớn Mui Ne by Train

Duration: 5 hours Cost: 175,000 VND ($7.50)

When you travel by train from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne, you have sầu lớn book a ticket khổng lồ either Phan Thiet or Muong Man railway station.

We recommkết thúc to take the train to Phan Thiet, since this railway station is closest khổng lồ Mui Ne center. From this station, you can take a xe taxi or local bus to lớn Mui Ne.

Step 1 Option 1: Ho Chi Minch lớn Phan Thiet by Train

Duration: 3h 44min Cost: 140,000 VND ($6)

There is only one direct train operating from Ho Chi Minh to Phan Thiet daily. This leaves at 6:40.

See the train schedule below:

TrainScheduleDurationSoft seat
SPT206:40-10:243h 44m140,000 VND ($6)
SEPT2(not available)07:15-11:013h 46m240,000 VND ($10.50)

Cheông xã Available Train Tickets

Step 1 Option 2: Ho Chi Minc lớn Muong Man by Train

Duration: 3.5 hours Cost: 105,000 VND ($4.50)

If the early morning train is not convenient for you, you can also take one of the trains lớn Muong Man/Binc Thuan railway station.

But, keep in mind that it will be more expensive sầu to lớn travel from this station to Mui Ne as your only option is lớn travel via taxi.

If you decide to travel from this station, we suggest one of the trains below:

TrainScheduleDurationSoft seat
SE806:00-09:333h 33m125,000 VND ($5.50)
SE608:45-12:103h 25m125,000 VND ($5.50)
SE2211:40-15:173h 37m105,000 VND ($4.50)
SE1014:30-18:213h 51m125,000 VND ($5.50)

Cheông xã Available Train Tickets

Step 2: Phan Thiet Railway Station lớn Mui Ne by Bus/Taxi

Duration: 1 hour Cost: 35,000 VND ($1.50)

When you take the train lớn Phan Thiet, you can take a public bus for 35,000 VND ($1.50) or a xe taxi for about 200,000 VND ($9). The ride to lớn Mui Ne center will take between 45 min & 1 hour.

There are no buses from Muong Man station khổng lồ Mui Ne, which means you have lớn take a taxi for 500,000 VND ($22).

See Mui Ne railway station for more details.


Ho Chi Minch lớn Mui Ne by Bus

Duration: 5 hours Cost: 140,000 VND ($6)

When you choose to travel by bus, we recommend travelling with Hanh Café or The Sinch Tourist. Tam Hanh Travel is another trusted company that operates on this route. These companies piông xã you up in the center of Ho Chi Minch & also drop you off in the center of Mui Ne.

Kumho Samco has buses that leave sầu every hour from 6:00 lớn 15:00. These arrive sầu at the center of Mui Ne, but their departure point is 7km away from Ho Chi Minch thành phố center.

Futa Bus also has buses leaving almost every hour, but we don’t recommover this company. Their departure point in Ho Chi Minch and drop-off point in Mui Ne are not in the center & require an extra taxi ride.

The bus ride takes around 5 to 6 hours but can increase due khổng lồ peak hours in Ho Chi Minh.

Below you find a selection of the most convenient departure/arrival times:

Hanh Café07:00-12:0008:00-13:0009:30-14:3011:00-16:0013:00-18:4514:00-19:0015:00-20:0017:30-22:3020:00-01:0022:30-03:305h140,000 VND ($6)
The Sinc Tourist07:00-12:3014:00-19:0021:00-02:005h 30m5h5h175,000 VND ($7.50)
Tan Hanh TravelEvery hour from07:30 -15:305h185,000 VND ($8)
Kumho SamcoEvery hour from06:00-15:005h210,000 VND ($9)
Futa BusAlmost every other hourfrom 07:30-23:306h185,000 VND ($8)

Cheông chồng Available Bus Tickets

Ho Chi Minch to lớn Mui Ne by Limovan

Duration: 4 hours Cost: 350,000 VND ($15)

You can also get a more luxurious transfer from Ho Chi Minch lớn Mui Ne if you travel by limovan. With G5 Car, you will have sầu a không lấy phí drop-off in Mui Ne. With 3S Limo, you get to lớn travel with very comfortable seats with touchscreen TVs.

Cheông xã out their schedules below:

G5Car Limovan08:00-12:0010:00-14:0013:30-17:3015:30-19:3018:30-22:304h350,000 VND ($11) + free drop-off
3S Limo Luxury Bus07:00-12:005h390,000 VND ($17)

Cheông xã Available Limovan Tickets


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